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Motorcycle shoes

made to integrate

in your daily life

Don't compromise your style. Our urban shoe collection incorporates motorcycle DNA into fashion forward designs for the discerning metropolitan commuter. With nine different styles to choose from, you no longer have to compromise between comfort on the sidewalk and safety on the streets.



Meet the Royale, which combines classic looks with a hint of a technical side, and equipped with all the protective features that are expected from a motorcycle shoe. Thanks to cleverly integrated details such as the gear-shift pad and the reinforced ankle cup, only a trained eye will recognize the water repellent Royale as a true motorcycle shoe.



The Regent shoes stand out thanks to the combination of pullup WP full grain cowhide leather and waxed suede. Although disguised as a stylish boot the Regent has all the features a biker requires. Protection comes from the reinforced heel and toe area, as well as from the injected ankle cup.



Shaped as fashionable sneakers the Fairfax shoes can fool anyone when it comes to protection. Don't be fooled by its appearance, though; the Fairfax is equipped with the protection one expects from a true motorcycle shoe.



While these sneakers are great to wear casually, they’re even better on a bike because you can ride safe in the knowledge that your good-looking shoes will protect you if and when needed.



For those who use their bike to get from A to B and don’t want to stop in between for a wardrobe change, these vintage-inspired sneakers packed with loads of functionality offer an attractive option.



These good-looking shoes have a lot to offer besides their cool, casual style. They are made equally well for walking as it is for riding; so hit the road and put it to the test yourself.



The Mohawk combines equal parts street wear, high fashion and pure performance. When you wear the Mohawk boots no one will ever suspect you are wearing highly functional motorcycle boots.


These stylish shoes are equipped with a distinct military touch, not only in the way they look but in the way they perform, too.



Motorcycle boots that you can wear to the café at the end of the day. Say goodbye to having to choose between comfort, safety and looks—the Bleeker boots combine all three.