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Motorcycle shoes

made to integrate

in your daily life

Design Staying true to our roots we've kept in mind that the person wearing the shoes is a passionate motorcyclist and that identity shouldn't be hidden; they should fit your attitude and style. Your entire body weight is borne by a few small parts of the foot; the heel, arch and toes—the shoes incorporate an anatomically correct foot-bed design that is as comfortable both when walking as it is when riding. Safety The toe, heel and ankle area have been reinforced for safety. These reinforced areas protect riders’ feet and contribute to better foot position without sacrificing comfort. The shoes have been fashioned from the finest leather. It is tough and comfortable material that is highly abrasion resistant and durable, yet naturally adaptable to various conditions. Functionality Shoes with laces have gusseted tongues to keep out wind, water and dirt. Shoes with zippers have a v-flap behind the zipper for the same purpose. The leather won't mar when you shift gears as the shoes are equipped either with a gear shift pad or come with a shifter strap. And all shoes are equipped with reflective stripes to enhance the rider visibility.



While these sneakers are great to wear casually, they’re even better on a bike because you can ride safe in the knowledge that your good-looking shoes will protect you if and when needed.



For those who use their bike to get from A to B and don’t want to stop in between for a wardrobe change, these vintage-inspired sneakers packed with loads of functionality offer an attractive option.



These good-looking shoes have a lot to offer besides their cool, casual style. They are made equally well for walking as it is for riding; so hit the road and put it to the test yourself.



The Mohawk combines equal parts street wear, high fashion and pure performance. When you wear the Mohawk boots no one will ever suspect you are wearing highly functional motorcycle boots.


These stylish shoes are equipped with a distinct military touch, not only in the way they look but in the way they perform, too.



Motorcycle boots that you can wear to the café at the end of the day. Say goodbye to having to choose between comfort, safety and looks—the Bleeker boots combine all three.