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Jerez Pro

Be Fast or

Be last

Jerez Pro glove

The Jerez Pro is the exact same glove used by professional riders on the MotoGP circuit, and by any serious rider that places paramount importance on safety and performance. The Jerez Pro is an evolution of the original award-winning Jerez glove. Thanks to feedback provided by the REV'IT! MotoGP riders the glove has gotten even better—with innovative new safety and ergonomic features. These gloves will exceed all expectations.


dual comp protector

For ultimate sliding the protector is topped by an aluminum high-impact shield, the protector has been perforated to allow airflow to enter the gloves keeping your hands cool and comfortable.



TPU aluminum protector at cuff. Consists of a 3D, pre-shaped honeycomb structure, topped by an aluminum shield, for ultimate sliding. Increases the level of protection significantly.

Double TPU

hard-shell palm slider

One slider has been placed on the right side of the palm to protect the triquetrum bone. The second slider has been placed on the left side to protect the scaphoid bone.

TPU hard-shell

finger knuckles

Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) is a highly durable synthetic material, used in many REV’IT! products for protection.


Impact Protection Technology

Is made of the impact absorbing Seesoft memory foam. It has been incorporated in this garment to effectively reduce the energy of impact transmitted to the ulna bone in case of a crash.


PWR|yarn is a 100% nylon thread with a unique internal bonding, which imparts excellent durability, high tensile and breaking strength, and ultimate abrasion resistance.



Based on the Engineered skin® design philosophy the harmonica construction mimics the natural anatomy of the hand; providing a perfect fit and allowing perfect freedom of movement.

Double cuff


Kangaroo leather

Compared with cowhide, kangaroo leather is known specifically for its lighter weight and higher abrasion resistance. This provides greater protection in case of a fall on the roadway.