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With the Roamer, Roamer ladies, Redhook and Flatbush, REV'IT! is introducing four new timeless, styles that will be in our range and your wardrobe for many years to come. These four archetype leather jackets can be worn anywhere and anytime—and thanks to their classic design, they’ll never go out of style. We've selected only the best materials for these jackets to ensure they start off looking great, and only get better with age. Zippers, linings, top level CE armor and other great details that are all marks of quality. Mix and match with one of our jeans, and the new fashionable motorcycle boots and you're ready to go.


These stylish boots are equipped with a distinct military touch, not only in the way they look but in the way they perform, too.

Flatbush jacket

Understated simplicity is the key feature of the Flatbush jacket. It features a classic cut and smooth leather.

Lombard jeans

These jeans sport a regular straight fit, which makes them a versatile jean that will match well with most of the REV'IT! jacket line.

Campo jeans

These jeans are so comfortable and fashionable you won’t just wear them on the bike. They’ve been designed following the Engineered skin® philosophy.



These good-looking shoes have a lot to offer besides their cool, casual style. They are made equally well for walking as for riding; so hit the road and put it to the test yourself.

Roamer Ladies


With a focus on elegant lines and a cutting-edge aesthetic, the Roamer ladies jacket is designed for riders who are looking for a motorcycle jacket that is as stylish as it is functional.

Redhook jacket

The Redhook jacket is influenced by a bygone racing heritage and comes with pre-curved sleeves and padded shoulders.